The HOPEFitness Sports Foundation combines exercising with fun to create a truly unique program. No matter age or Ability, HOPEFitness believes that every Individual has the right to a healthy lifestyle. Our facilities are designed to maximize participation and encourage members for ultimate success.

HOPEFitness does not only provide the means for weight loss,
increased muscle strength and flexibility, but to most importantly give ALL Participants a safe and comfortable place. This will help them at home, work, school and in their personal and social lives.

HOPEFitness is the FIRST INCLUSIVE facility of its kind to integrate Individuals of ALL Types of Abilities!

Founder H.L. Greenberg, has made fitness accessible to Individuals with ALL Types of Abilities. After over 15 years of supervising recreational programs for youths and adults he realized how important it was to provide Individuals of ALL Abilities a gym they can call THEIR OWN.

Our Mission

The Mission of The HOPEFitness Sports Foundation is to provide, coordinate and support the Inclusion of Individuals with ALL types of Abilities in fitness and sport training. We welcome participants who are challenged, economically disenfranchised, or are considered “at risk” either behaviorally or due to their living situations.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to providing a significant positive fitness and sporting experience that will positively impacts the lives of youths and adults in our communities with no regard to perceived “Disabilities”.  This will help them at home, work, school and in their personal lives.

We will work closely with human service agencies that believe as we do, that fitness and sports are a necessary and important therapeutic tool.

We will seek the assistance of our learning institutions and our corporate and community leaders to help us in challenging the stigma so often associated with diversely challenged Individuals. 

We will foster an atmosphere of total acceptance and work with our local leagues to make these opportunities readily available to all who desire a chance to compete at any level.


Incorporated in 2005, The HOPEFitness Sports Foundation is a New York State 501(c) (3) Non-Profit human service organization. Our core value is that everybody deserves the right to partake in a program that addresses their health and fitness goals; and to create a healthy lifestyle and be a valued member of a team and use sports and fitness as a conduit to explore his or her potential.

Our Gyms